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Twelve Days Of Christmas In London

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Having lived in London until the age of eleven I have some really fond memories of Christmastime in this incredible city. As this is the first time that I have returned for Christmas in twenty years, needless to say I am over the top excite ted and want to experience as much as possible. Having twelve days of Christmas in …

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Mythical Peloponnese: Monks and Monasteries

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Day 2 Filosofou Monasteries (old & new) and Prodromou Monastery Exhausted from the first day (read about it here) of our Mythical Peloponnese tour we slept well and awoke refreshed and ready for day two. Our second day consisted of hiking through the mountains in Arcadia and across the Lousios river gorge to visit the cliff side monasteries of Filosofou and Prodromou. Christos from …

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A Greek Winery With Heart In Mythical Peloponnese

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We spent the afternoon in a cozy country kitchen making ‘lazy pie’. The sound of laughter and easy conversation filled the room along with the aroma of fresh baked pastry and caramelized onions. It was a perfect addition to our Peloponnese excursion. Although the itinerary created by Mythical Peloponnese did prepare us for a visit to a Greek winery we could not anticipate it being such a special …

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Greek Lazy Pie Recipe

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This easy and delicious Lazy Pie recipe was taught to us by the charming Kalogris family when we visited their estate winery in the Peloponnese region of Greece. It was created long ago by farmers as a way to create a hearty meal out of whatever they had on hand. If you’re a stickler for precise quantities you may have …

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Ancient Peloponnese The Land Of Legends

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If all you see when you visualize Greece is pristine beaches and the Acropolis you aren’t seeing the whole picture. I have been to Greece four times over the years but until now my experience has been limited to, like the majority of visitors, Athens and the Greek islands…not that I’m complaining. The history and energy of the capitol city and the picture postcard beauty …

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From Belgrade To Athens

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  Our week in Belgrade wasn’t what we had hoped it would be. This had nothing to do with the city itself but more so due to the imperfect world of technology and our lack of expertise in this area (although we are learning more every day). Our reasons for choosing to go to Belgrade and stay in an Airbnb …