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House Sitting In Southern France: A Little Slice Of Heaven

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  This morning the grass sparkled as if dusted with rainbow glitter and the frozen blades crunched pleasingly underfoot. We were enjoying our morning ritual of walking the fields while Jupiter, our Border Collie ward for the month, happily chased the sticks we threw. The rising sun warmed our cheeks and lit up the rolling hills and stone buildings that …

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The No Weight Gain Vacation Plan

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How many times have you come home from a holiday and said “I must have gained 10 lbs in the past week! I really need to go on a diet!”? I know I have more than once and I’m sure most of you can say the same. Eating healthy on holidays can really be a challenge. First of all there’s …

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Cappadocia Sights To See

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After tearing ourselves away from our comfy, canopied cave bed we ventured out into the courtyard of our Cappadocia castle. The air was cool bit still and the skies were clear blue so breakfast had been laid out on the upper terrace overlooking Mount Erciyes. As we sat down to a delicious meal of fresh eggs, cheese and homemade bread, …

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Adventure Travel Inspiration

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We happened to be in London for the Adventure Travel Show last week and boy did we come away with some exciting additions to our travel wish list. The show was jam-packed with speakers and exhibitors presenting every type of travel experience you can imagine, and some we’d never even thought of. Our heads were spinning with tales of horse …