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Ultimate List of Gifts for Travel Lovers

Are you a travel lover or do you know someone who loves to travel? Are you looking for gifts for travel lovers (yourself included)? We can absolutely help with that.

Obviously, we love to travel. We travel for work and we travel for pleasure. We relish road-tripping and are thrilled to fly across oceans. We enjoy slow travel but we’re also suckers for quick getaways. In other words, travel…all travel…is an obsession for us and we know we’re not alone.

The thing we love most about traveling is the experience of seeing new places, meeting interesting people and learning about different cultures. There’s a term for that today…it’s called “experiential travel”. 

Travel experiences create amazing memories, some of which are captured in photos or in words. But when you’re really obsessed with something it goes beyond memories and photos. If you know a doting dog lover you’ll probably find dog-themed items all over their home and even on their bodies. It’s the same with travel.

Whether you’re wanting to spoil yourself or whether you’re looking for a gift for the travel lovers in your circle we got you covered. This list of travel gifts is guaranteed to inspire you and very likely win you praise as the best gift-giver ever.

We’ve broken down the list of travel gifts into categories to help you pick that perfect present for the travel-obsessed people in your life.

Gifts for travel lovers

Decorative Gifts for Travel Lovers

Decorative Gifts for travel lovers

The following decorative gifts for travel lovers will bring joy and feel-good memories to the traveler in your life. A love of travel doesn’t end when you return from a trip which is why many travelers continue the theme throughout their home. Trust us, you will become known as the best gift-giver in your circle with these gorgeous pieces.

Scratch The World Travel Map

If you’re looking for a decorative travel lovers gift to hang on the wall you can’t go wrong with this scratch-off world travel map. Of all the scratch maps we’ve seen this one is our top choice. It comes in 3 sizes and the extra-large (23 x 33 in) is big enough to clearly show every state, province and country. We also love the look of the gold foil. However, the flip side to that is the gold is almost too pretty to scratch off. Thankfully the details of color and shading that are revealed are just as nice to look at.

Review: “I wanted a scratch map to document my travels, and looked at many options in Amazon. I thought this one had the nicest design. The map arrived really quick, and came in mint conditions. Once I took it out, I think the paper quality is awesome, it is very glossy and luxurious feeling. I did buy a guitar pick to scratch it, and I think it was the perfect choice, as I did not need to use any pressure to scratch off clean the golden layer. This was great as I was concerned I would need to use too much pressure and that would damage the underlying drawing. The drawings underneath are beautiful, and the alignment between the top golden scratchable layer and the drawing underneath is perfect. Overall, a perfect product for me, no complaints at all.”

Click Here to View & Buy the Scratch the World Travel Map

Push Pin Map of the World on Canvas

This decorative wall map isn’t cheap but there’s a reason for that. It’s a piece of art. The map is printed on thick matt canvas using premium pigment for rich coloring. Another big feature is that it’s customizable. You can choose the size and color and even have a personalized banner or quote printed on your map.

Review: “Beautiful map. Chose this because it is canvas and doesn’t require a frame or backing purchased separately. Love the clean and simple design and customization options. Can’t wait to pin my past and future travels.”

Click Here to View & Buy the Push Pin Map of the World

Custom Map Coasters

Gifts for travel lovers

These gorgeous handmade map coasters are laser cut in Hawaii using eco-friendly bamboo and no chemicals or stains. They come in sets of 4 and you chose the destination for each of the coasters. Cities work best because they allow for more detail but you can also choose states or countries.

Review: “These turned out better than expected. Absolutely love the design on each coaster and the fact it comes with it’s own holder. My special request for these were taken into account with no problem. The Pittsburgh one is my favorite of the ones I ordered.”

Click Here to View or Order these Custom Map Coasters

Travel Quote Cushion Cover + More

Gifts for travel lovers
Image from Mapology on Etsy

This cute travel quote cushion cover is just one of the items available from the Mapology store. Choose from original, made-to-order map-themed designs printed on shower curtains, pillows, bedding and much more! It’s a perfect gift for the traveler in your life.

Review: “ran out of stars to give to this shop ETSY needs more to add. Each product I get is perfect and exactly as shown but better in person. this was well made. Thanks for providing a high quality product. my expectations are beyond met. Love this shop. For those who looking for a good world throw pillow this is what you looking for the detail is worldly”

Click Here to View Products in the Mapology store

Hot Air Balloons Duvet Cover or Comforter

Gifts for travelers
Image by Mapology at Etsy

You’re bound to dream of exploring when sleeping under this Duvet Cover or Comforter of Hot Air Balloons against a backdrop of vintage maps. Matching pillowcases are also available but ordered separately.

Review: “IT WAS WORTH THE BUY, BEST COMFORTER EVER. love it and I will always recommend this shop for those who appreciate good quality worldly items. The colors are perfect and detail is the best. I will have some good worldly dreams now”

Click Here to View This Hot Air Balloon Duvet Cover on Mapology

Johnny Blue Art World Map on Wood

gifts for travelers
Image by Johhny Blue Art on Etsy

This World Map on Wood makes an awesome gift for the traveler in your life who also loves handcrafted art on their walls. Johnny Blue creates gorgeous pieces of art from reclaimed wood with nautical and map themes using different stain colors. Many of the pieces are limited edition so if you see one you must have don’t hesitate.

Review: “I could not be happier with my piece. Johnny was very responsive and professional to questions and so easy to work with.must say Quality workmanship!! My item arrived earlier than expected and looks even better than the pictures. I am very impressed by the quality, it is exactly what I wanted and the perfect addition to my home.”

Click Here to View or Purchase Johnny Blue Art

Useful Travel Gifts for Frequent Travelers

Useful gifts for the travel lover

Not only are we frequent travelers but we’re pretty much nomadic so decorative travel gifts for the home won’t work for us no matter how beautiful. If you’re looking for a gift for a frequent traveler we know from personal experiencethe the following products will be a guaranteed hit.

Cocoon GRID-IT! Organizer

For the organized traveler in your life, this is a great choice for a useful travel gift. This versatile GRID-IT organizer case has a rubberized woven elastic object retention system for gadget organization. Use it for gadgets, cords, makeup, tools, accessories…the uses are endless.

Review: “Versatile product, easy to pack many electronic accessories all in one place. We have had the smaller size (for years) and the medium size (for 4 months). My husband travels frequently and wanted the medium one to hold more items (the medium one is shown in the picture). The gray and black items in this Grid IT are a portable phone battery charger, 2.5 x 3.5 inches, & a tablet charger 4 x 2 in. plus it’s cord, both items are at least 1 inch thick. There are many items packed in the Grid IT in the picture, and still spaces for more. He is former USMC and many ask him if it is something he used in the Marine Corps.”

Click Here to View or Buy the GRID-IT! Organizer

Pacsafe Hidden Travel Pouch for Women

We love anything by Pacsafe and this travel pouch is no exception. Most hidden travel pouches strap around your chest or hang from your neck which can be irritating. This pouch is made from soft lingerie fabric and clips comfortably to a bra. It’s a pretty and comfy way for ladies to keep valuables safe when traveling.

Review: “This was a LIFESAVER while traveling. I kept my cards and cash in it and had no stress about thieves lifting my essentials while traveling heavily pickpocketed cities. I loved it so much, I actually continued to use it when I got home instead of carrying a purse! The top flap did start to unravel after about 6 months -but this was also after 6 months of everyday use.”

Click Here to Buy or View This Pacsafe Pouch

Bagsmart Travel Jewelry Organizer

Another great gift for the female traveler in your life…or the traveling male jewelry lover. This compact, folding jewelry roll organizer comes in several colors and patterns. It also has 5 zones for storing different types of jewelry.

Review: “This is the perfect way to organize all of your jewelry pieces when traveling. It is compact yet holds a lot. Keeps necklaces from tangling and rings from getting lost. Perfect for plenty of bracelets as well. Love it!”

Click Here to View or Buy the Bagsmart Jewelry Organizer


SleepPhones Gifts for travelers
Image by SleepPhones

SleepPhones are a perfect gift for travelers and light sleepers. Replace earbuds and headphones with a soft and comfortable headband that you can sleep in or use anytime anywhere. They come in 2 fabric choices, a variety of colors and plugin or Bluetooth wireless.

Review: “Love my new SleepPhones!! So perfect for listening to tunes or listening to a book at night, I no longer have to worry about keeping my mate awake while listening to my favorites. Will be using them on the plane when I go on vacation. So awesome.”

Click Here to View or Purchase SleepPhones

Sea to Summit Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag

This lightweight Travel Hanging Toiletry Bag has multiple compartments for organizing toiletries. There’s a large, divided main compartment, 2 inside zippered pockets and another zippered pocket on the exterior. It’s durable, water-resistant and comes in 2 sizes.

Review: “This seems pricey for a toiletry carrier but it’s one of the best purchases I’ve made. I got the large and it was perfect for my needs (backpacking, multi-week trips) – I can fit toothpaste, all of my oils, a few 3 oz containers, my comb, etc. perfectly. It’s so lightweight and easy to access all compartments. I’ve already put it through the ringer and it shows no signs of wear and tear. I’d highly recommend this product!”

Click Here to View or Buy the Sea to Summit Hanging Toiletry Bag

Leather Travel Bag with Shoe Pouch

This leather travel bag makes a great gift for travelers, especially weekend wanderers. It’s got lots of pockets and compartments to keep everything organized including a shoe compartment and outside zippered pockets perfect for keeping phones and travel documents within easy reach. The stylish traveler will like the vintage leather look.

Review: “I have used this travel bag on two airline trips as a carryon bag. It is very good in appearance, durability and sturdiness. It is large enough to hold a large amount of personal items however it still fits easily in the overhead bin. Very satisfied with this purchase.”

Click Here to View or Buy the Leather Travel Duffel Bag

Baggalini Anti Theft Convertable Backpack

Baggalini offers a stylish and practical anti-theft bag to keep your valuables safe. This backpack converts to a shoulder back and comes with RFID-blocking, locking zippers and slash-proof fabric. It weighs less than 1lb and the classic black and grey fabric makes it perfect for everyday use.

Review: “Great little travel backpack. Recently went on a bus tour and this bag held everything nicely without bulk in the both storage of area inside the bus and on the plane trip. Was worried how my kindle 7″ tablet would fit with my other travel essentials….no problem…it fit nicely inside the pack. The extra protection of anti theft was worth the added price as I wore this mostly on my back. The convertible strap was nice for when I did want to carry like a shoulder bag.”

Click Here to View or Purchase the Baggalini Backpack

Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer

Not a very sexy travel gift but definitely a very useful one. This Portable UV Toothbrush Sanitizer doubles as a perfect travel case. It uses batteries to power the ultraviolet lights which kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria.

Review: “I have purchased 4 sanitizing toothbrush cases in the last few years. This is BY FAR the best. It is well built, closes securely, has better hinges and appears that it will last much longer than the flimsy ones I had bought before! No comparison to the others (I got on Amazon). Get this one.”

Click Here to View or Purchase the Toothbrush Sanitizer

Small Travel Gifts & Stocking Stuffers for Travelers

Stocking stuffers for travelers

The following travel gifts are perfect for stocking stuffers or a smaller budget. However, just because they’re small or inexpensive doesn’t mean the traveler in your life won’t be thrilled. Great things can come in tiny packages.

Wise Owl Travel Towel

This multi-purpose microfibre travel towel makes a great stocking stuffer for travelers. It’s perfect for the outdoors adventure traveler or backpacker because it’s small and lightweight making it easy to pack and carry. It’s also good for the urban traveler to have on hand for those sweaty days of city sightseeing.

Review: “This is a great towel for traveling. It squeezes so much water out of hair, clothes, etc.! Once I got used to the texture, it’s not bad as a bath towel as well. Washes really well and I appreciated the bonus washcloth. It dries my hair so much faster than terry cloth. Here is a travel/camping tip: you can pack in a carryon for a week in Europe by taking a 20L dry sack and this towel and washing your clothes in the dry sack, rinsing, then roll them up in this towel to squeeze as much water out as possible and then hang dry. Just buy some cheap laundry detergent at a store (I usually leave the leftover bottle at my airbnb or hotel room hoping someone else can use it). This worked almost as well as using a washing machine and it was easy. Happy trails.”

Click Here to View or Buy this Travel Towel

Travel Cocktail Kit

A super fun travel gift for the cocktail drinker in your life. This Travel Cocktail Kit contains the ingredients you need (other than alcohol) to make 4 cocktails on the go: Moscow Mule, Old Fashioned, Champagne Cocktail, Gin & Tonic. Split them up into singles for a perfect travel stocking stuffer or give all 4. There is also an 8 piece cocktail kit available.

Review: “Love this product! When I got it the packaging on it is well done. And the ingredients inside are labeled and easy to open. My favorite so far is the Moscow mule one. Great gift for the person that is always traveling or to use ona picnic or small gathering. Compared to other cocktail kits, this one is my favorite brand so far.”

Click Here to View or Purchase a Travel Cocktail Kit

Custom Luggage Tags

gifts for travel lovers
Image by Little Dot Studio on Etsy

Every traveler needs luggage tags but these are not your usual tags. They are made to order in your choice of color and finish and come with a leather or metal strap. The unique luggage tags from Little Dot Studio are engraved on acrylic in a way that allows your personal information to be viewed discreetly.

Review: “These look exactly as advertised on the web site. The quality is fantastic! I ordered 6 of them (matte black, shiny black and milky) with the metal strap and they are all awesome. Highly recommend them!”

Click Here to View or Buy Custom Luggage Tags

Travel Soap

gifts for travel lovers
Image by Paper Soap Co on Etsy

These travel soaps are as cute as they are practical. Choose from different shapes, sizes, scents and colors. Each tiny soap is intended for single-use wash and they come in a reusable tin. The whole package is perfect for traveling.

Review: “So cute and smell amazing! The ‘mini’ soaps were much larger than I had expected, I think I may have received the wrong size? Or they are just larger then I had imagined. They are great regardless, and shipped super fast and packaged well. Will definitely order from again.”

Click Here to View or Order from Paper Soap Co

This is My Adventure Mug

gifts for travelers
Image by Napcreations on Etsy

Everyone needs a mug! This ceramic This Is My Adventure Mug is a perfect stocking stuffer for the travel lover. It comes in a variety of colors and has a capacity of 15 ounces.

Review: “By far my favorite coffee mugs ever received. Quality is just like the picture. Spot on.”

Click Here to View or Purchase this Adventure Mug

Vagabond Life Travel Rings

best gifts for travel lovers
Image by Vagabond Life

This is a fun and attractive gift for the travel lover that will keep the memories alive. The Vagabond Travel Rings come engraved with the continent, country, state or National Park you choose. Then you have the option to keep them on a necklace or leather keychain. We even have a 20% discount code for you: SARAH20

Review: “Beautiful leather and totally useful. One day I look forward to adding more to my keychain. Just a glance brings back memories of my travels. Great to give to a traveller as a gift too.”

Click Here to View or Purchase Vagabond Life Travel Rings

Travel Gadgets & Electronics for Travelers

Useful Gifts for travel lovers

Electronics and gadgets are more than just convenient they’re pretty much necessities for travelers today. The following gifts for travel lovers are sites that we personally use on a very regular basis and we just can;t imagine traveling without them.

Anker Power Bank Portable Charger

Anker is a leader in America for USB charging devices. This sleek, compact, high-speed charging PowerCore Slim has a 10,000 mAh cell capacity which enables you to charge smartphones and tablets up to twice in under an hour. It’s also equipped with an exclusive MultiProtect safety system.

Review: “Phenomenal power bank. Was a little worried going with the slim, as my brother has the 20,000 mAh version. So glad I went with the slim. Is about the size of an iPhone 12. Weight is perfect. Charge holds incredible. Charges my iPhone 12 2+ times at least, amongst other things. & the USB-C rapid charge in ~5 hours is SO clutch. Anker always producing top notch products”

Click Here to View or Buy the Anker Power Bank Portable Charger

International Power Adapter Travel Plug

Every traveler needs a good International Power Adapter Plug. This universal power adapter works in over 150 countries and is compatible with outlets in the US, UK, EU and China. It can charge up to 4 devices at once and comes with 4 Smart USB ports. One of the best things about this travel gadget is that it comes all in one piece.

Review: “I bought this for one of my children traveling to Europe to work there for a year. It is absolute perfect, it has everything in one place for all the places in Europe. She can travel and not worry about using her laptop or charging her phone, etc. For anybody traveling a lot, this is the adapter to get, the one that does it all.”

Click Here to View or Purchase This International Power Adapter Travel Plug

Portable Blue Tooth Travel Speaker

This JBL Flip 5 Bluetooth Waterproof Speaker Bundle comes with a deluxe hardshell travel case. The speaker is compact but powerful and holds up to 12 continuous hours of playtime. Being waterproof makes it great for travel or a day at the beach.

Review: “Bought this for my husband and it did not disappoint. Everyone that see it and hears it asks us how much we paid and what brand. Sound is great battery life I great. We take it to the lake we use it during outdoor and indoor party’s I use it when I’m cleaning around the house.”

Click Here to View or Purchase the JBL Bluetooth Travel Speaker

GoPro HERO10 Waterproof Action Camera

By now everyone knows that GoPro is a must-have camera for adventurers. But it’s also a great gift for travelers of all kinds. The small size, durability and waterproof cover make it a perfect pocket camera to take on your travels. The HERO10 is the newest edition and it’s better than ever. You’re sure to gain huge points if you gift this to your favorite traveler.

Review: “This is the 5th version of the GoPro Hero brand of cameras that I have owned and they just continue to get better and better (this camera is no exception to that trend).”

Click Here to View or Purchase the GoPro HERO10

Kindle Paperwhite

If you know a traveler who also loves to read this gift is an absolute winner. Of course, they may already have one but this is the newest edition and maybe they need an upgrade. The brand new Kindle Paperwhite has a 6.8″ display, thinner borders and 20% faster page turns among other features.

Review: This edition of Kindle is so new there aren’t any reviews at the time of writing.

Click Here to View or Purchase the new Kindle Paperwhite

Travel Subscription Boxes

Gifts for the Travel Lover

Subscription boxes have become a huge thing over the past few years and travel subscription boxes make an awesome gift for travel lovers. The lucky traveler in your life will be thrilled every time a new box arrives full of items from around the world. This is an especially great gift for those who are unable to travel as much as they’d like because it allows them to be swept away on a journey without leaving home.

Cairn Boxes for the Adventure Traveler

gifts for travelers
Image Credit:

The monthly subscription boxes from Cairn are a dream gift for the adventure traveler in your life. Every month the subscriber receives a box filled with useful products geared towards the outdoorsy person. Boxes include premium quality products in an array of categories with items like sunglasses, clothing, backpacks and travel-sized beauty products and toiletries. There are two price options: Traditional Cairn Collection or the Obsidian Collection.

Review: “Excited to see several products that we have received from Cairn rated among the best backpacking products in Backpacker Magazine!! Thanks Cairn!”

Click Here to View or Subscribe to Cairn

Virtual Travel Adventure for Families

Travel subscription boxes
Photo Credit: Up & Away Adventures

This Virtual Travel Adventure subscription box from Up & Away Adventures is a perfect gift for families. A suitcase box will arrive at their door filled with fun and educational items with a different country theme each time. There will be a video along with games, crafts, food and more showcasing that month’s country and culture.

Review: “I really like this box! I was looking for an immersive box experience, and this is great. I appreciate the thought and care that goes into this box and that there are video extras that go along with the featured country. I also appreciate that some of the past boxes are available. Although this box is geared toward families with kids, I don’t have children, but I still enjoy the adventure! This is a great subscription. Keep up the good work!”

Click Here to View or Subscribe to the Virtual Travel Adventure

The Happy Glamper

Travel subscription boxes gifts for teh travel lover
Image Credit: The Happy Glamper

Have a camping diva in your life? The Happy Glamper box will thrill them with items made to turn camping into glam camping. There will be glamping gadgets, luxury travel essentials, food and more all designed to make the outdoors adventures more comfortable and civilized.

Review: “One of the best sub boxes I’ve received, seriously. If you’re a sub box junkie, then you probably have a pile of stuff from boxes that you’re going to re-gift at Xmas…you won’t find that in this box. I honestly have found a purpose in everything that was in there and that never happens!! It’s all mine mwhahaha!! Love it❤️”

Click Here to View or Subscribe to The Happy Glamper

Vacation Crate

Image Credit: Vacation Crate

Vacation Crate will deliver a vacation in a box to your door. Each monthly box will contain 8-10 full-size quality items. Products may include food, beauty, jewelry and home decor relating to the country theme. If you buy the Vacation Crate as a gift for a traveler they will even include a personalized note with the box.

Review: “PACKED with adorable items from around the world and some from right here in the States. Really fun box to open and find great surprises inside.”

Click Here to View or Subscribe to the Vacation Crate

Explore the World From Home

Image credit: Trove

Trove allows you to explore the world from home while also supporting small businesses. Each box explores a different city through online experiences and local products ranging from food to home decor.

Review: “The Kyoto Trove box was given to me as a gift and I was totally blown away! There’s we’re SO many incredible things included in the box and I was really impressed by the quality of the ingredients for our two cooking classes. Especially the 3 course meal- it fed my husband and I for two days! I loved learning so much and also having an opportunity to feel like I was “with friends” even during the stay at home order in my state. I would highly recommend this to anyone!”

Click Here to View or Subscribe to Trove

The Wordy Traveler

Gifts for the Travel Lover
Image Credit: The Wordy Traveler

The Wordy Traveler is “A seasonal book club subscription box for travelers who want to make a difference.” Every 3 months a box will arrive filled with things to transport you to another place. Where will you go? Japan? Ireland? Greece? Whatever the destination, the box will contain books, art, tea and other goodies. This is the gift that gives twice because each box purchased gives back to help children and pregnant women.

Review: “Just received my The Wordy Traveler box and couldn’t be more happy! I received three non-fiction books themed around the U.S. National parks, a wild mountain berry tea blend I cannot wait to try, and various other useful items for the outdoors such as a compass! I can tell a lot of thought was put into the curation of this box and am pleased with the customer service. Highly recommend!”

Click Here to View or Subscribe to The Wordy Traveler

Travel Experience Gifts for Travel Lovers


Getaway Gifts for Travel Lovers
Image by Getaway

Give the gift of a Getaway! Is there any more perfect gifts for travel lovers than the gift of travel? Getaway has dozens of options for cozy cabins surrounded by nature and they are all less than 2 hours from major cities around the USA. They also offer gift cards so your travel lover can choose their own experience.

Review: “Exactly what I needed: peace and quiet in nature with my pup. I loved sitting at the large window with hot cider, watching the rain in the morning, and cooking s’mores by the fire at night.”

Click Here to View or Book a Getaway


Travel is all about experiences which is exactly what Tinggly offers. Give the gift of adventure to the traveler in your life and they will never forget it. Choose from thousands of experiences that will thrill adventurers, nature lovers, foodies and everything in between. This is one of our favorite gifts for travel lovers…hint hint. Tinggly gift cards are also available.

Click Here to View or Purchase Tinggly Experiences

Localgraphy Travel Photography

Give the ultimate travel gift of memories captured in photos. Localgraphy will set you up with a local photographer in hundreds of destinations all over the world. You will experience a professional photo shoot or photo tour in the location of your choice.

Review: “We were recently in Sedona, AZ and were able to get a fantastic photographer within a day! Now we have wonderful photos of our family. Everything went smoothly! Thank you to Mike and his lovely assistant!”

Click Here to View or Book with Localgraphy

Send Us Your Ideas for Awesome Travel Gifts!

We will be editing and adding to this list as we find more great gifts for the travel lover. If you have something you think would thrill all the travelers out there please share it with us and we’ll personally take a look and may add it to our list.

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