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Live, Dream, Discover is a dynamic and rapidly growing travel, lifestyle and adventure blog with a focus on living a life of balance. We provide our readers with tips and advice on how to fully experience a destination. We believe this is done by incorporating a mix of culture, nature, wellness and adventure along with the creature comforts of good food and comfortable accommodations.
We are steadily growing a loyal and interactive readership mainly from North America and Europe who are interested in traveling to all parts of the world.

Partnership Opportunities

We are very open to partnerships, collaborations and sponsorship opportunities with brands that fit with our demographic and travel values so please get in touch. We’d love to hear more about you.

Press trips

We find that press trips are a great reciprocal way to work together for mutual benefit. It allows us to personally experience all that you have to offer which we can then share with our readers to give them a true taste of your services. It is an effective and easy way to reach out to your targeted market.

Our experience will be shared with our readers through a post on our web page containing a link to your site. We will also promote on all of our social media outlets.

Product Reviews

We are very interested in reviewing travel and wellness related products and services. Reviews will be posted on our site with a full disclosure and link back to your site. Giveaways for our readers are also a great reciprocal way to promote your product.

Ads and Sponsored Posts

Ads are available in various formats (banner, sidebar, widgets etc). Please contact us for pricing and availability. Sponsored posts in line with our brand are accepted with a full disclosure and a link to your site.

Content Creation

We can create quality, pertinent and unique content for your website, business or social media outlet.

Brand Ambassadorship

We are very open to short or long term promotion of brands that we believe in and that are in line with our focus.

Our Demographic

Live Dream Discover is targeted towards what we like to call the balanced mid range. Our demographic tend to be at a time in their life where they have enough money to travel in moderate comfort and are physically able enjoy and appreciate experiences that may include some adventure and ecotourism as well as cultural sites and good food.

According to Google Analytics our readers are 62% North American, 17% European with the majority of the balance spread between Mexico and Australia. Gender is 54% male and 46% female with the majority age averaging between 25 and 55 years.

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