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Farewell 2014: A Year Of Travel For Live Dream Discover

Since selling everything and quitting our jobs the previous fall, 2014 was the first full year of travel for Live Dream Discover and also of our fledgling online businesses. It stands to reason that it was a time of both great excitement and great challenges. It was a year full of incredible adventures, exploring dreamed of places and of meeting new friends. But we also had to adapt to being ‘homeless’, learn new skills to create an income, live on a very tight budget and be away from our family and friends for long periods of time.

The latter is definitely the hardest and is especially difficult over holidays and birthdays but it’s nothing compared to the heartbreak of not being able to get home before my step father passed away or worrying about other members of our families when illness struck. It was at these times that we questioned whether or not we were doing the right thing. There were many discussions and much soul searching along the way but with the support and encouragement of family and friends we decided to continue on the journey we’ve started. Despite all the challenges and sacrifices we just cannot imagine giving up on this unique new life that we’ve created and we are willing to work our butts off to keep it going. It’s definitely not always easy but we are finally living a life that we have always dreamed of and we love it.

Here’s some of the highlights of our amazing year traveling through 13 countries! I’m pretty sure it will show why we are so determined to keep going.

Furry Friends

  • We volunteered and helped raise funds and awareness for a dog sanctuary in Mexico
  • We lived in local homes caring for adorable pets in 3 different countries (see how we do it here)
Pets and animals we've cared for.
Some of the pets and rescue animals we’ve loved caring for.


dinner en blanc
Indulging in food, comfort, fun and pampering.


Hot air balloons, volcanos, semuc champey

Historic Sites

  • We climbed ancient Maya temples and pyramids in Mexico and Tikal
  • Visited ancient clifftop monasteries Meteora, Greece
  • And stood at the top of the Acropolis in Athens
Acropolis, Tikal, Meteora
Some of the amazing structures created by man over the centuries.

Beautiful Architecture

  • We visited Dracula’s castle in Romania
  • Along with countless other castles, churches and mosques throughout Europe and Mexico
castles, churches and mosques in Europe
Cornucopia of castles and churches.

Health & Fitness

  • We exercised in gyms, parks, rooftops and on beaches in 13 countries
  • And somehow completed the Warrior Mud Race in Puerto Vallarta
Exercise in nature
No gym? No excuse!


  • We hiked mountains and lakes in the Pacific Northwest
  •  Played in oceans and on beaches in Mexico and Greece
  •  Walked in the snow and forests in the Balkans
  • And explored caves and limestone pools Semuc Champey, Gautemala…we loved it all!
Nature around Europe and Mexico
Sand & sea, snow & forest, mountains and valleys

Family and Friends

  • As I mentioned before the hardest part of being nomadic is the time spent away from family and friends. However the silver lining is that we meet many wonderful new friends while we travel plus old friends travel out to meet us around the world. We now have friends from more than 20 countries! Here’s just a few of them.
Friends from around the world
Just a few of the great new and old friends that we traveled with in 2014.

Wow what a year! As 2014 comes to a close, we are sitting in a lovely little flat in London caring for four cuddly cats and we are more than happy to say that we are going to continuing to Live, Dream and Discover all through 2015. As my much missed step father used to say, we are going to “Go for it!”

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