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Ziplining in Angkor, Cambodia with Flight of the Gibbon

“Flap your arms and fly like a bird!” he yelled as I soared above the treetops of Angkor Park. This was not our first time ziplining (although it was our first time ziplining in Asia) but it was quickly moving up the ranks to take the number one spot in aerial runway experiences.

Nathan and I were part of a small group being led by two energetic Sky Rangers with Flight of the Gibbon in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Not only were our Rangers exceptionally good at their job, they also clearly loved doing it. The duo were part safety enforcers, part tour guides and part comedians. They managed to make us feel daring and reckless while at the same time completely protected and secure…not an easy feat. This is definitely one of the top things to do in Angkor Wat.

The Flight of the Gibbon Experience

Flight of the Gibbon Ziplining in Asia

Our exhilarating zip lining experience had started 30 minutes earlier with an in depth safety orientation and equipment fitting before we climbed to the first of 21 stations in the sky. One by one we released our grip on the wooden structure, lifted our feet from the stable decking and were propelled across the green canopy by a steel cable and pulleys (aka zipline).

Flight of the Gibbon Ziplining in Asia

For the next two hours we crossed precarious hanging sky bridges, flew through the Cambodian jungle, listened to silly jokes and interesting facts all while climbing higher and higher until we were looking down at the tree tops from our eagle like perch.

With each of the ten zip lines our Sky Rangers nudged us to get more daring (and goofy). “Soar like an eagle!”, “Be Superman!”, “Swim like a fish!”, “Do the running man!”. In between the adrenaline rush our guides became teachers, educating us on the surrounding natural environment as well as local culture, the history of the Cambodian people and the temples of Angkor.

Flight of the Gibbon Ziplining in Asia

Our final act of courage was to rappel down to the ground from a height of 50 meters to the jungle floor below. It was a fun, informative and exciting and rewarding day that was topped off with a delicious meal at a local Cambodian restaurant within Angkor Park.

Our Pick for Best Ziplining

As suspected, Flight of the Gibbon, Siem Reap had taken top spot for us on the “best zip lining” list. They checked all of the boxes: safety first, friendly and knowledgeable staff, efficiency and professionalism, beautiful and unique setting and of course adrenaline inducing activities.

Flight of the Gibbon Ziplining in Asia

These things alone would be enough to put them at the top of our zip lining list but something else resonated with us when we first researched Flight of the Gibbon. This feeling was amplified as we enjoyed our experience in Angkor Park, which by the way is the only UNESCO World Heritage site with a zipline!

Flight of the Gibbon Ziplining in Asia

Flight of the Gibbon Gives Back

For us what really set Flight of the Gibbon apart is their story and their continued commitment to giving back to the local community and environment. Something that is a focus with all the Flight of the Gibbon experiences in Thailand and Cambodia.

This pledge to contribute to and promote eco responsibility is in fact the seed from which Flight of the Gibbon was born. It all started with a group of friends rescuing a pair of caged and suffering Gibbons while trekking near Chiang Mai, Thailand and escalated into the creation of a leading global eco-adventure tour operator.

Flight of the Gibbon Ziplining in Asia

Since that day in 2007 Flight of the Gibbon has grown and evolved while opening locations in Chiang Mai, Pattaya, Siem Reap and most recently Koh Pha Ngan. A percentage of profits from these tourist attractions is invested into primate re-rehabilitation, re-forestation projects and ecological education programs.

Note: On their site you can read much more about their commendable conservation and Eco-tourism efforts.

Flight of the Gibbon Balancing Act

Flight of the Gibbon Ziplining in Asia

At Live Dream Discover we believe that a balanced life is a good life and in pursuit of that balance we are always searching for experiences that follow that mantra. In our opinion Flight of the Gibbon is a great example of how melding passions, business and contribution can create something that not only succeeds financially but also benefits the world we live in. Plus you can contribute to your own balance by combining fun, sightseeing, physical activity and experiencing local culture and food!

So next time you find yourself looking for an exciting eco-adventure experience in Thailand or Cambodia check out Flight of the Gibbon. We guarantee you will come away feeling great for having not only having challenged yourself but also for contributing to the conservation of this great planet!

Here’s a little taste of your Flight of the Gibbon experience.

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Ziplining in Angkor, CambodiaDisclaimer: We would like to thank Flight of the Gibbon for hosting us. However we chose Flight of the Gibbon because of their eco-friendly business ethic and great reviews and as always our opinions are all our own.


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