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What to See, Do and Eat in Beautiful Barcelona

If you’re looking for a holiday destination full of sun, friendly people, busy streets, and spectacular monuments, Barcelona is the place for you. One of Spain’s most visited cities, Barcelona is also home to delicious food; a further reason to why it is visited so often.

Great for students on a budget, families with young children, couples on their honeymoon, and a senior getaway, Barcelona is the city that should be on everybody’s list of places to see! Here are a few extra reasons to convince you!

What To See in Barcelona

Barcelona Sagrada Familia Jesus-2Definitely not a city to visit without a general plan, before you go to Barcelona, figure out how much time you want to spend visiting its beautiful sights and go from there.

First stop, after breakfast of course, should be La Sagrada Familia- Gaudi’s unfinished masterpiece, the huge and impressive church is a must-see. A smart way to be sure you make the most of a short visit would definitely be checking out a site like where you can get your Sagrada Familia tickets in advance (and then heading there early) so that you can check this incredible monument off your list without having to stand in line for hours.

After the Sagrada Familia, make your way to the casa Battlò, with its amazing architecture, Calder’s Mercury Fountain (don’t worry, it’s safely behind a protective barrier now), or make your way up to the contemporary art museum named after the great artist Joan Mirò! Definitely, remember to bring along a camera and water for when you go from one site to the next; there’s a lot to see so get going!

What To Do in Barcelona

Barcelona Parc de la CiutadellaI think it may be impossible to run out of things to do in Barcelona, so keep in mind that you should get plenty of rest before your trip, and don’t panic if you don’t manage to squeeze everything in to your first trip!

One of the first things you should do is definitely walk down the famous Ramblas, and enjoy the many live statues, shops, and beautiful architecture while you walk. Prepare yourself for crowds here though, and I’d recommend picking up any souvenirs elsewhere.

On another day, make your way to Barcelona’s Parc de la Ciutadella, and enjoy the green surroundings and the possibility of going to the zoo as well. Once you’ve seen the first park, make your way up to the famous Park Guell and enjoy the view from the top terrace overlooking Barcelona.

Barcelona has some glorious parks suitable for a picnic on a sunny day. Remember to bring along sunscreen, and to pay attention to pickpocketing while you walk around the city, tourists distracted by the wonders around them become easy targets for thieves.

What To Eat in Barcelona

Barcelona TapasIn my opinion, one of the best aspects of travelling anywhere, is getting to try the local Catalan cuisine; in Barcelona, you’re definitely in for more than one treat. From the delicious and sweet Crema Catalana, the main course of the famous Paella, and the tasty tortilla de patatas, you’ll be chomping away like crazy.

Not only are these only a few of the best dishes that Barcelona has to offer, but the Spanish city is also famous for its tapas bars! Think of Tapas as a small collection of appetizers that are served during happy hour- delicious and you can get a lot of different things to try at once, a favorite moment in Barcelona. The tapas range greatly, and can go from olives and cheese, or even to warmer dishes like fried baby squid- don’t forget the Barcelona is a coastal city and famous for its seafood.

Barcelona is such a wonderful city, that it might be tricky to fit everything into one trip. So don’t waste time on the incredibly crowded beach, but instead try to walk around the city as much as possible to take in the incredible sights and architecture.

Keep in mind that you should pack smart as well; meaning that the lighter clothes you bring, the more comfortable you will be during your outings. If you are travelling in the summer don’t underestimate how hot the city can be, so keep yourself hydrated! Is there anything better than being on holiday, sitting at a small café drinking a cold drink and watching the world go by?

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