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Southern California Group Vacation

We recently spent two weeks on a Southern California group vacation and we came away realizing there are some pretty big benefits to traveling in a pack. Granted, planning for a group vacation can be more challenging than a couple’s or small family getaway, but if done right it may turn out to be the best vacation you’ve ever had.

Possibly the biggest benefit of group travel is that the cost of most everything can be split more ways, often making special experiences more affordable.


Rent a House Not a Hotel Room

California Group VacationWhen looking for vacation rentals in Los Angeles we find that for four or more people renting a whole house is preferable to booking individual hotel rooms. Not only is this more fun and efficient, it can also save you money. The cost of splitting the rent will generally be less than booking multiple hotel rooms, plus you will have a kitchen to store and prepare meals which can save a fortune over dining out for every meal.

Saving money is always a good thing but renting a house also gives you a place to comfortably gather with your group which can be tough to do in a busy city like Los Angeles. Imagine having your own pool and outdoor spaces to enjoy the California sun, a living room to socialize or watch movies and a dining area to enjoy breakfast while planning your day or dinner while recounting it.


Hire a Limo and Driver

Driving in Los Angeles is probably not most people’s idea of a fun time. But how about relaxing in the back of a limo with a glass of champagne, chatting with your companions while completely oblivious to the traffic around you. When you have a group of people, hiring a limo to drive you to your destination can work out just as inexpensive as multiple taxis and it’s much more fun! You may even decide to hire one for a day trip down the coast.


Go Boating

A big draw of Southern California is the ocean and beaches. Once again, having a group of people makes it much more reasonable to hire a boat for the day and get out on the water. Websites like Boat Rentals of America have branches all over California and rent out a variety of boats suited to every taste. From speedy power boats to relaxing electric boats or how about party pontoon boat? A day on the water under the California sun with friends and family is what great memories are made of.

Disneyland VIP Tour

California Group VacationNo matter your age a visit to Southern California is not complete without a day at Disneyland. To make your day even more magical you can get a Disneyland VIP Tour at a set group price for up to 10 people. Your group will experience the royal treatment with a personal concierge taking you behind the scenes and giving you priority access and reserved seating for shows and attractions. If you’ve ever waited in the long lines for rides or sat on a curb for hours waiting for the parade to start you will see the value of a group VIP Tour.

Have a Spa Party

After a day at Disneyland your group is probably ready for some pampering. Places like Trilogy Spa offer customized spa parties including food, drinks, treatments, and the use of hot tubs and relaxation areas. Imagine a day with your friends, chatting, getting massages or manicures or soaking away the stress in a hot tub while sipping on refreshing cucumber water. Does that not sound like a perfect way to spend the afternoon before heading out on the town?

Rent a Cabana at a Resort

Although you may have everything you need for a day by the pool at your luxury retreat vacation rental, sometimes you want a taste of the LA party life. Your group can pitch in to rent a cabana at a pool or beach club like the ones at Harrah’s Resort. The cabanas and day beds are perfect for a group of 8-10 people and usually include drinks and snacks and of course views of the beautiful people.

Hire a Chef for a Cooking Class

California Group VacationSince you have a lovely kitchen in your vacation rental, why not make good use of it? It’s a fact that people bond over food and a fabulous way to combine food and fun is by hiring a private chef to come and cook for your group. Businesses like Maincourse California connect you with a private chef who will come to the house and cook you a gourmet meal. Better yet, get your hands dirty and work up an appetite with an interactive cooking class! We promise it will be a meal to remember.

Go Racing

Does your group feel the need for speed? Head to a racing center like Speedzone that offers group packages that give you hours of fun racing cars around the tracks. A little friendly competition is always good and maybe wager to see who has to buy celebratory drinks or make breakfast the next morning to keep it interesting?

Hire a Personal Trainer

California Group VacationWith all of the indulgences we’ve listed, you may want to balance it with some exercise. Websites like Coach Up will hook you up with a qualified yoga or fitness instructor that will lead your small group in a rejuvenating workout of your choosing. Picture your group out by the pool of your vacation rental getting limber and toned with your own private coach. How Hollywood is that?!

Now Get Planning That California Group Vacation!

These are just a few of the ideas we came up with while researching our own Southern California group vacation. There is so much more! Southern California has so much to offer: dramatic coastline, the lure of Hollywood, the luxury of Beverly Hills, shopping on Rodeo Drive, theme parks galore and of course almost daily sunshine provides an endless supply of entertainment and relaxation for any sized group vacation.

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