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Six of the World’s Best Markets

Do you love walking around markets, enjoying the range of food, clothes and nick nacks for sale? If the answer is yes, you will want to add these wonderful world markets to your must see list.

It’s true that most cities around the globe have some sort of daily or weekly market full of delicious temptations, local delicacies, interesting goods, beautiful hand-made crafts and often cheap deals but some of these really stand out.

So where are some of the world’s best markets?

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Stands at Istanbul marketIstanbul is home to one of the largest, oldest and most exciting covered markets in the world. There are a huge variety of stalls selling just about anything and everything including unique products that you may never have seen before! The beauty and history of this market also make it one of the top tourist spots in Istanbul.

If you love to bargain over the cost of a potential purchase, you can certainly try your skills at the Grand Bazaar. However, be warned that the traders here are experts in haggling and you will need to be on your game in order to secure a deal at this wonderfully chaotic market. Regardless of whether you are going to shop for rugs, leather goods and jewelry or simply soak up the atmosphere and culture, the Grand Bazaar is an experience not to be missed. You should also be aware that it’s quite easy to get lost in this massive market, but that is part of the fun. Unless you’ve been coming to the market every week for the last year, you’re going to need a map or a tour guide to help you find your way out! There are tons of additional things to do in Istanbul while you are there as well.

Souks, Morocco

Stands at a Souk (outdoor market) in MorroccoMorocco is home to some incredible markets, known as ‘Souks’, and they really are something else. Selling rugs, clothes, food, arts and crafts and just about anything you can think of, the markets are as diverse as they are wonderful.

But if you thought Morocco was home to just one large market you will be very much mistaken! Souks can be found in every large town and city as this is how Moroccans tend to shop. This means that you have a real opportunity to make your way around as many markets as possible, soaking in the atmosphere and the scent of some incredible spices that seem to fill the air.

Probably the best known and most visited are the souks in Marrrakech’s Medina (old town.) Here you can wander for hours through the honeycomb maze of alleyways and streets alive with the smells, sights and sounds of the fascinating markets.

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Camden Market, London

Camden Market LondonFeatured in many different movies, and with a vibrant history, Camden Market has to be one of the world’s most diverse and interesting markets. Located between the Roundhouse theatre and Regent’s Canal, Camden Market sells jewellery, coats, bicycles, organic produce, clothes, music and so much more. It is also one of London’s most colourful areas as it is home to a thriving alternative scene meaning that you will see some very unusual choices of outfits.

If you happen to be hungry while you’re visiting this part of London you’re in for a treat as there are some amazing market food stands offering delicious options from around the world.

Tsukiji Fish Market, Japan

Fish at Tsukiji Market JapanFound in Tokyo and ideal if you’re a lover of fish and relatively early mornings, Tsukiji fish market is simply incredible thanks to the amazing variety of fish that you’ll see laid out on blocks of ice. If you don’t plan on buying any fish, don’t worry, just enjoy the hustle and bustle of the market. Selling almost 3,000 tons of fish a day, and with more than 450 types of fish available, this market really does need to be seen to be believed.

Although the market seems to be located in an old warehouse, it’s vibrant, alive and somewhere you should visit at least once. Buy a little something to eat at one of the many stalls and marvel at some of the huge fishes that look like something from a fantasy novel! Located at 5 Chrome-2-1, Tsukiji, take a walk around the market if you would like a glimpse of what early morning Tokyo is like.

Marché Monge, France

Fresh produce on display at a marketConsidered one of Paris’s most popular food markets, Marché Monge is the ideal place to buy cheese, fish, fresh produce, clothes, and just about anything else you need. Located in Place Monge, in the heart of the 5th arrondissement, this market surrounds a pretty fountain and spills into the picturesque square.

Prices are a bit on the high side but the quality is excellent. You can buy honey directly from the bee keeper, produce from the local farmers and of course what is a Parisienne market without freshly baked bread and creamy cheese?

Pike Place Market, Washington

Pike Place Market sign in SeattleWhen in Seattle, Washington, you need to visit Pike Place Market, one of the oldest farmer’s markets in the United States. Selling just about everything from food to flowers, clothing and crafts you can easily spend a couple of hours exploring the popular Seattle attraction. Be sure not to miss the famous fish throwers at the huge fresh fish stands and try some of the best seafood chowder on the Pacific Coast!

Pike Place Market is situated in the heart of downtown Seattle close to the waterfront so it makes a perfect spot to stop for lunch and a break from the surrounding sights and famous Seattle craft breweries.

The above six markets are just a few of the many wonderful world markets but they are definitely top contenders for best markets to visit around the globe.

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