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Guide To the Best Bras For Travel

Traveling is exciting. The thrill of venturing into unknown territories, the anticipation of what’s on the horizon, the joy of new experiences, and the exhilaration of breaking away from the routine.

However, packing for the trip can often be a daunting task, especially for us females. I often tell my husband how easy he has it as I watch him throw in some long pants, some shorts a few shirts and a few pairs of underwear in a matter of minutes.

Meanwhile, I’m taking hours to decide which dresses to bring what tops to match with what skirts and shorts, which shoes I need for each out fit and, of course,  deciding which undergarments to pack. I especially struggle to decide which bras to pack as I need different styles, colours and materials for different activities.

So, this post is for the ladies.

The Perfect Bras for Short Trips

When packing for a short trip like a weekend getaway, I aim to take just two bras that  that will work for different outfits.

If I absolutely had to only take one, the perfect bra is a multiway or convertible bra. A convertible bra is great option for short trips because it  adjusts to be worn as a regular, a halter, a racerback, or a strapless bra. This makes it an incredibly flexible choice that can pair with different ensembles.

My second bra of choice for a short trip is a comfortable but pretty bra that can be worn from morning to evening events. A t-shirt bra works perfectly for this requirement as it provides comfort, yet seamless enough not to show under tight-fitting clothing.

Best Bras for a Beach Vacation

Heading for a week-long beach vacation? Perhaps packing for Cancun, or exploring the coastal cities of the Mediterranean or heading for beautiful Thailand? When going on a beach trip, the type of bras you pack should veer more towards lighter materials, preferably non-wired and absorbent because you’ll be likely to sweat more. A cotton bralette is perfect for this as it’s lightweight and breathable.

I also like to pack a good quality swimsuit tank or bikini top that can double as a bra for casual outings. A cute and supportive  bikini top can double as a sports bra or a breezy tank top is great for those beachside yoga sessions or beach volleyball games.

Best Bras for Travel Longer-Term

My travel is usually longer term and I often need to consider multiple situations and activities and even different climates. This makes  selecting the right bras  more challenging.

I try to stick to a total of four bras for longer term travel: a convertible bra; a comfy t-shirt bra; a padded dressy bra and a good sports bra. My wardrobe tends to lean neutral, so I stick to neutral-coloured bras like black, white and tan. But if you tend to wear very colourful clothes you will probably want to add some colour in your bra selection as well.

Tip: A good general rule for packing is to choose one colour in addition to your neutral-coloured clothing. This way you only need to bring undergarments and accessories that work with that one colour. It really helps to simplify your wardrobe and ease the stress of packing.

Lingerie For An Elegant Evening Out

If you know, or hope, you’ll be  attending formal events or fancy dinner dates, a  a plunge bra, lacy balconette or strapless bra are good additions. These styles will work perfectly with low-cut or off-shoulder gowns, ensuring that you maintain both style and comfort throughout the event.

Of course, at the end of the day, the choice of bras you pack depends on the destination, the climate and the activities you are planning to do. But it’s also good to prepare for the unexpected! Plus, remember, comfort should always come first, so make sure you try out and test the bras before packing them. Having the right bras can make a difference in your travels, enhancing your overall comfort and travel experience, and making those cherished memories even more memorable.

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