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Blogs That Inspire & Balance Us


If you’re looking for inspiration you’ve come to the right place!

Wherever we are in the world we are always in pursuit of that good feeling combination of the things  important to us; travel, work, play, relationships, learning, contributing, good health & good food…to name a few.

If you are a fellow balance seeker you know that achieving and maintaining that harmony is a major challenge, and as with most challenges a little help from friends goes a long way. Therefore we not only look to ourselves for answers but we also seek out inspiration from others.

According to Francois de la Rochefoucauld, “The only thing constant in life is change”. This means that where we turn to for those answers and inspiration is also always in flux. However there are certain blogs and websites that we find ourselves inspired by on a regular basis and we wanted to share those with you.

You will likely be familiar with some of these but we hope that we can provide some new treasures to add to your list.


Elephant Journal logo

The Elephant Journal is a great source of inspiration for living a mindful life. This is one of our favorite spots for finding ideas and motivation for almost every area of our life.


eat lift & be happy


Eat, Lift & Be Happy is stuffed full of inspiration for keeping fit and healthy. Neghar motivates by teaching healthy living habits for mind and body through her years of experience the with a balance of expertise and positive mindset.


Fearful Adventurer logo

I discovered Torre’s blog after hearing about her book “Love With A Chance Of Drowning”. Now I visit her blog regularly for really well written and inspirational stories on life and travel.




Tiny Buddha logo

I have been reading Tiny Buddha for years and it has become my go to site when I need motivation, mindfulness, peace or just a shot of “feel good”.



Health Conscious Travel logo

 This is a lady after our own hearts as she believes in maintaining a healthy balance not just in daily living but also when traveling. It is a site full of destinations, tips and advice on keeping wellness a priority wherever you are.


 Screw the nine to five logo


Jill and Josh are rocking the world of “Webreneurs” with their blog and podcasts on how to create an online income. Although we have not yet put a lot of their advice into practice we do enjoy popping into their site for tips and ideas as we build our own location independent business. Plus they’re pretty funny.




Positive News Logo

As the site says, Positive News provides “Inspiration For Change” We have to admit to not following daily world news on a regular basis as we find it too biased and negative. Positive News provides us with first class journalism on happenings in the world but with a “solution-focused perspective.”




Green Global Travel logo

We love these guys because their true passion and love for nature plus their desire to help make the world a better place now and for future generations is so clear. We go to Green Global Travel when we want to learn more about what’s going on in ecotourism and how we can contribute ourselves. Or just to get a dose of furry cuteness!



Candace reardon

Candace inspired me from day one of finding her blog and after meeting her in Athens last year Nathan is now a fan too. Her energy in person is as beautiful as her words and sketches online. I follow her blog purely for the pleasure of it.


Sarah Somewhere logo

I find inspiration in Sarah’s blog because of the honesty and vulnerability in her writing. Her strength and courage to share her story provides motivation to keep pushing forward in pursuit of your dreams no matter what life may throw at you.


Almost Fearless logo

Christine’s blog was my very first inspiration when I started to research blogging and living a nomadic life. Since then we have become friends and she has taught me so much about writing and creating a quality blog (although I still have a long way to go). I believe in her skills to teach so much that I will actually place a shameless plug here for her course “Blog Brilliantly”




Mind Body Green logo

Maybe not the most in depth health and wellness site out there but I do like this blog for quick bites of everything mind, body, spirit. I especially enjoy the fitness tips and healthy recipes when I need a fast shot of inspiration to cook or exercise.


Fit Living Lifestyle logo

In the keeping with full disclosure I have to point out to those who may not know that my Live, Dream, Discover partner, Nathan, runs this website. However that is not the only reason it’s included in this list. It really is a great site with tons of inspiration, tips and resources for getting and staying fit and healthy. It even has a section on fitness for travelers!




Fit Foodie Finds logo

We only recently discovered Fit Foodie Finds but we have quickly fallen in love with the fun and easy style and the healthy and delicious recipes. We also like that many of the recipes can be made with very basic cooking tools which is essential when you travel as much as we do.




The Everywhereist logo

The Everywhereist makes me laugh out loud and motivates me to become a better writer. Enough said.



Of course there are hundreds of great sites our there and this is by no means the full list of ones that inspire and motivate us but it is a good sampling of our faves. As Francois said things change, and so do we, so we are always on the lookout for more great reads. If you have any personal favorites you’d love to share fire away!

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