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What to Pack for Cancun & Yucatan Mexico

So you’re planning a trip to Cancun? How exciting! We love Yucatan, Mexico and have spent many months there so we’ve got plenty of experience on what to pack for Cancun. In fact, we believe we have created the ultimate beach vacation checklist on packing for Mexico.

Many people make the mistake of thinking that packing for Cancun vacations doesn’t require much thought. Throw a couple of swimsuits and a sundress in a bag and good to go! However, we have found that is not the case.

First of all there are numerous important documents to remember when you travel out of your home country. Then there are the health concerns that come with traveling somewhere tropical.

Plus, if you want to partake in some of the awesome stuff there is to do in Cancun and the Yucatan coast you will definitely need more than just a swimsuit. For example what do you need if you want to swim in a cenote? Maybe a party night in one of Cancun’s hot nightclubs? How about dinner in Playa del Carmen or visiting Mayan ruins? Then there are the fun and fabulous family of Xcaret Eco-Parks which require some special items.


What to Pack for Cancun and Other Mexico Beach Destinations

Documents Checklist for Traveling to Mexico

Of all the things to take to Mexico, documents and copies of personal information are without a doubt the most important things on your Cancun packing list. Chances are your vacation will go perfectly smoothly and you will not have any need for some of the items on this Mexico vacation checklist. However, if something does go wrong you will be well prepared to deal with it having everything at your fingertips.


Personal Things to Bring to Mexico


You may look at the following list of what to take to Mexico and say you can get most of them when you’re there. While this may be true we have found through experience that having these items on hand make life much easier. The last thing you want to do on your Mexican vacation is waste time looking for a pharmacy that speaks English and can recommend a good anti-diarrhea medication.


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What to Wear in Cancun


As mentioned before there is more to packing for a beach vacation than just swimsuits, sundresses, and sandals although they will likely make up the bulk of your wardrobe.

While it’s true that Cancun, Mexico weather is generally pretty sunny and warm there can also be some cool evenings and very wet days depending on the time of year. Definitely check the weather forecast before finalizing your Mexico vacation outfits.

You will also want to research what to do in Cancun and pack accordingly. For example, if you plan to visit one of the adventure parks you may want to pack some water shoes. If nightlife is your thing then a clubbing outfit is needed. Or maybe you’ll treat yourself to a fancy dinner where formal attire is required. Speaking of which there are some high-end, all-inclusive resorts that have a dress code in some areas so be sure to check that before you pack.

Finally, opt for 100% cotton or moisture wicking clothing when possible. Cotton allows your skin to breathe and the moisture wicking fabrics help keep your skin dry in the humidity that is part of a Cancun beach vacation.

Vacation Clothes for Mexico




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Footwear for Cancun


Choose your footwear carefully when packing for Cancun or other tropical destinations. You will need shoes and sandals that stand up to the abuse of walking on uneven surfaces and all the sand, salt water, and humidity.

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More Items on a Packing List for Mexico

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All this talk of packing for Mexico has got me wanting to plan our next trip. Maybe we’ll see you there. For now though, be sure to save this list so you don’t forget anything and have the best Mexico vacation ever!

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