The Long and Winding Road

sarah Home, USA

Eureka, California is full of Art Deco buildings like this drive thru coffee shop.

We are on day 3 of the road trip portion of our Nomadic life and we’re sitting in a questionable motel just outside Sonoma Valley. Our first day we traveled for 12 hours to Eureka, California (with some stops including the famous Acropolis in Portland). We arrived late so decided to find a cheap motel rather than try to set up camp in the dark. The helpful motel clerk sent us to a local brewery pub called Lost Coast Brewery. If you’re ever in Eureka definitely check this place out…fun surfer décor, great service, in house brews and amazing clam chowder. After a great night’s sleep we did some work online hit the road to explore the Avenue of the Giants (Redwoods that is not the beanstalk kind). The drive was beautiful (minus all the road works detours, one of which sent us up to the prison) and the trees really were giants, some up to 53 ft. in circumference and over 100 ft. tall! Apparently this forest is the largest living organism on the planet. I swear you can feel the energy under your feet.

One of the Giants

Once again the drive to our next stop took much longer than we had anticipated. This was mostly due to the fact that we took the coastal route(HWY 1) which is an extremely snaky road. The GPS gave us an eta based on the speed limit of 55 mph but we were only doing an average of 35 in order to stay shiny side up between the lines. It may be possible to do 55 in a Ferrari that is made to handle in those conditions but the Kia was definitely not up to the task. There was also the fact that the scenery was spectacular and we wanted to stop every few miles. Once again we reached the campsite in Sonoma State Park after dark and all the spots were full. It was a bit disappointing as the sites were right on the beach and the view was incredible. Instead we ended up in the afore mentioned motel and had a dinner of hot wings and spinach salad at the infamous Hooters across the street.

The little one pump gas station that saved us on the Cali coast

Our first ocean sunset of the trip

Nathan practicing his skills

Which brings us back to this morning. As will be our daily routine we are working online for a few hours before heading out to the Sonoma Valley to taste some wine en-route to our next stop of Fresno where we will try again to set up camp. Will we make it or will we end up in another seedy motel? Stay tuned for the answer!

Live, Dream, Discover!!